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I'm having some issues with using Stringify to trigger recording on my Arlo system and I can't see a simple solution. I've got a Smartthings multi sensor on my garden gate and another on my front door. The idea is to have them trigger the recording of the appropriate camera to cut the recording delay down. The problem is when the gate or door is closed the recording stops sometimes but not other times. I'm not getting 4-6 second recordings which are useless as the person opening the gate only has their back turned during the recordings. It also seems to stop the motion recording so there's no secondary clip of them walking past the camera. Any ideas on a workaround? My Stringify flow is just the 2 nodes, door sensor and camera.

I am not using Stringify so I can't help you there, but I have 5 Arlo cameras that I am using with Smartthings and so far I am having no problems recording up to 2 minutes of video. I am also using Smartthings to trigger the recordings and cut down the deay. At this point in time I am able to see the videos in both Smartthings and Arlo apps.

Since you did not specify how and when you want notifications I will give you the highlights of my setup. Also if you want the cameras on all the time, your batteries will discharge very rapidly and Arlo might not be the system for you. Also, bear in mind that if you are using the connection between Arlo and Smartthings, Smartthings will only turn on and off the cameras depending on when you have set up your motion detector to fire. Be sure the motion sensor is placed about 20 feet away from the camera in a position where the individual or auto must bass by it across the face of the sensor.

In Smartthings set up a routine to turn on the camera for the duration of the time you wish to monitor. Then set up a Custom Rule to sense the motion of the sensor and select the camera you wish to use to record video. Set the amount of time you wish to record up to two minutes.In another Routine turn off the camera during the times you don't wish to record.

This represents the highlights of how to set everything up the way I am set up,

Any further help needed, just holler.