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Selecting flash drive local storage on PC works fine. Not available on Arlo iPhone app workaround.

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I have the Arlo app on my iPhone.  I am using a flash drive on my VMB4000r3 base station for local storage.


When I removed the flash drive to view on my PC I have no problem.  When I reinstall the flash drive on the base station and try to use it, the base station will not record to it. 


There is a an option available in storage setting on my pc Arlo webb page account to "select" the storage device that is not available in the Arlo iPhone app. When the flash drive is "selected" on the pc Arlo webb page it once again works fine.  Seems that the Arlo iPhone app is missing a an option.   (Storage Settings pc web page has a check circle on the line where the "Ready" appears and I have the latest version of the app on my iPhone.)  I couldn't find any intructions on this and it has taken a lot of time to find out a work around  so I am providing this post.