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Maybe I'm missing it, but it would be nice if I could schedule notifications.  I had a prowler in our yard at 3am a few mornings ago.  The cameras did their job, but I only discovered it the following evening because I have notifications off.  Notifications are off because we would get an insane amount of texts everytime we walk out to the driveway or the dog walks by one of the cameras. 


I would love to schedule notifications from 10pm to 7am so that if someone is in our yard, I get a notification right away.  That way I can immediately see what's up and notify the police if necessary before someone actually broke in or harmed someone.

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This can be done by creating a custom mode that has rules for notifications to be on and a separate custom mode with notifications off. You can then schedule these custom modes during the desired hours.






I played with the custom modes but was not able to find a way to schedule notifications.  I would like the cameras to record on movement at all times but I only want to be notified of movement outside of normal business hours.


How can I set this up?


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You will need more custom modes so some have notifications and some don't. Then schedule the appropriate modes at the appropriate times.

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Create two custom modes. Let's call one Night and the other one Day. 

Mode - Night
Create rules - Camera A triggers Camera A to record on motion detection with a notification

Camera B triggers Camera B to record on motion with a notification

(Posslbly also add Camera A triggers Camera B to record on motion if the cameras look at the same area)


Mode - Day

Rules - Camera A triggers Camera A to record on motion with no notification.... etc etc

Edit Schedule - Night is scheduled from 10pm-Midnight on Monday and Midnight-7am on Tuesday. Do this for each day. 

Day is scheduled from 7am-10pm each day

Don't forget to adjust the motion sensitivity setting (which I believe is mandatory for setting up a new rule in a custom mode, but also to edit the recording length of time for each rule)