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Restarting Cameras from remote location

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Base model with 5 cameras.  I travel away from the location and there is a power outage.  After power comes back on I have 1 of 4 cameras working.  I restart the router remotely (multiple times) and get a second camera back.  I restart 10 more times and only get 2 cameras working.  When I got home, I popped open the battery compartment on one of the cameras and closed it and it came back online.


What good is restart if the camera's don't come back after a power outage?  Nothing I can do from a remote location and I'm not asking a neighbor to climb a ladder to pop the battery compartment open and closed.

Is there another method to use to get them back from remote location?  Can't be just me having this problem...

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The best solution is to never have a power outage. Use a UPS for your modem, router and base so loss of power doesn't affect them. In addition, the system keeps working during a power outage. This is especially important for those with remote systems.