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Range Extender vs Ethernet Cable

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GusMcCrae Follower

I'm trying to resolve a problem with my Arlo cameras.  As of right now, my wireless router and Arlo base station are in one corner of my house, and the place I need to mount my cameras (exterior of garage) is at the far opposite corner.  It isn't that big of a house, but the signal becomes very weak at that distance, perhaps because of all of the interior walls in between. So now I am trying to figure out a way to increase my signal strength.


Two things I am thinking about trying:

1. Use a WiFi Range Extender that plugs into a wall outlet, then plug my base station into Range Extender, or

2. Buy about 100' ft of ethernet cable and run it all the way from that corner bedroom modem to the base station at a spot closer to garage.


Any pros or cons these ideas?


I have already bought a range extender (Netgear EX-6100) and hoped this would work because it would be the easiest solution and I wouldn't have to string a cable halfway across my house.  I've just never used one before and didn't know if they were a gimmick or if they really worked.  And if they do work, is the signal strong enough to operate the cameras from.



Guru TomMac Guru

Both are usable options.... As long as the extender like you say 1) a strong enough signal and data thruput 2) a Ethernet port


problem is you won't know till you try it (but since u all ready do own it why not try


just remember the min speeds to work well is 1mb thru

Morse is faster than texting!