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Re: [Potential Fix] Arlo camera red tint

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My new camera was, showing a red tint. After looking at this forum and trying everthing nothing worked. Read problem was shutter getting stuck . So decided to shake the camera quite rapidly for about 5 to 10 seconds.. And voilla problem sorted.. Now no longer has a red/pink tint to it...
Took it out in daylight and still working fine.
Let me know if this fixes yours if you have same problem

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station

I had a similar issue where the internal filter (I now know this) stopped halfway across the camera lens leaving a pink tint across 3/4 of the image. 


Following the instructions above I can also confirm that this works. 

Model: VMB4540 | Arlo Pro 3 SmartHub
Glad it sorted your problem too pal

Red tint happened on one of mine too. The tint is due, as most threads point out, to the IR filter which is moved back and forth by a solenoid. If you have the camera in your hand and all is well, you can hear the click when the filter is moved into/out of place. If the filter is stuck or the solenoid isn't working, there is no click. Mine had sat without power for a couple of months and the filter had obviously got stuck in place ... no click. Shaking/bashing something expensive is a last resort for me, so I tried a strong magnet all around the camera and that got the filter to move. Then, moving the camera into and out of the light a LOT of times, with the magnet to help things along, the filter gradually freed up and now clicks on and off by itself.

How long it carries on working is anyone's guess and now it's back in the airing cupboard to get rid of the misting that ALWAYS happens if I have a camera indoors for more than a few minutes.

When they work, they're not bad cameras, but for the money they should be a whole lot better.