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Original Arlo camera starts going offline

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anhba Aspirant

I have the original arlo 4 camera package with the vmb3010 base station. I added an arlo pro camera about a year ago. I use an orbi router with one sattelite.  Two weeks ago the old cameras started going offline and online, then offline.  I made sure all the batteries were fully charged, rebooted everything multiple times but the only camera that continues to work is the arlo pro.  Is there something  that changed that will not allow the old cameras to work with the new pro model?  The system has worked perfectly for me over the years until now.  Any suggestions to trouble shoot this would be helpful.   thanks

Guru jguerdat Guru

Verify that all firmware is up to date. Move the base away from the Orbi. Is the base connected to the router or the satellite?

anhba Aspirant

Thank you for responding. The base was plugged into the back of the orbi router. I took all of the cameras down and reinstalled the entire system. I moved the base station about 15 feet away from the router and made sure that all of the cameras and base station were on the correct firmware. Everything has been working fine for the past 24 hours so I hope this is the end of this issue. Thanks again for your help.