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One camera offline

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Weme102117 Follower
We bought a four pack of cameras and purchased an additional camera. The additional camera we purchased has not been working properly since we bought it April 27th. I have replaced the batteries and talked to tech support - who fixed the problem for 24 hours. The camera is now off line again. I deleted extra storage, and reset the base with no luck. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
AnthonyArmato Luminary

I'm not sure what the tech did to get the camera working but try this. Open the battery door, take the camera close to the base station and then close the door. Resync the camera after the door is closed for a minute or so.

Aciambra Aspirant

I have a camera off line how to operate ?

DaneA Master

Hi Aciambra,


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Kindly try to resync the camera that shows offline.  Check this link below and follow the steps on how to resync your camera to the base station:


Resync your camera to the Arlo base station  


Kindly check also the distance of the camera that shows offline if its within the range of the base station.  Check this link below as reference:  


How far from the base station can I place my Arlo camera


Furthermore, you may isolate the problem by swapping another camera to the location where the camera that shows offline is deployed and check if same problem occurs.


I am looking forward to your response.






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