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Not getting notifications

I have stopped receiving phone/email notifications from my arlo for the last 3 days. My roommate is also having trouble with the same issue. We are able to connect and see a live stream, we just aren't being notified with movement.
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Re: Not getting notifications

Recently I stop receiving notifications on my phone. No emails, texts or neither sounds...nothing! 

It still records and saves for about 7 days, but if theres no immediately notification with sound this thing is basically uselles for me. I have checked all the setting from app and also on my phone to make sure all the notifications are ON but still nothing. Any help how I can resolve this? Arlo?




Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Re: Not getting notifications

Have you rebooted the phone and reinstalled the app? Emails may be a different issue so check your spam folder as well as check with your email provider to see if they're blocking the emails. You can also try adding a second email address with a different provider for notifications to make sure that works.

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Re: Not getting notifications

Have the same problem which started after one of their updates. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and it asked for permission to use my phone to make calls and manage calls. I did not give it permission and I still couldn't get my notifications. Tried it again giving them permission to use my phone to make calls and manage calls and I started getting notifications again. I see no reason for Arlo to make calls using my phone and I am not giving them permission. Therefore my cameras are pretty useless because I get no notification when there is movement.
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Re: Not getting notifications

I too am having issues with not getting notifications.   I am NOT receiving the notifications on my phone.  I AM receiving the email. 

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Not getting notifications

I get the emails too and I get notifications on my tablet but not on my phone.  Have you tried allowing them to make phone calls and manage your phone.  I start getting notifications again if I do that but I see no reason that Arlo needs to make phone calls or manage phone calls on MY cell phone.  To me it is a security and privacy issue.  I've had no feedback from them as to why they need this permission.  Evidently it's their way or the highway.

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