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Night Vision issues, I can get it to turn on, but then after a few hours I lose it

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I like a lot of others that I have read in these forums am having night vision issues.  After reading a lot of other recommendations I can get it to turn on, but then after a few hours I lose it.

I have 4 Wireless cameras and 3 of them work no issues.  The 4th one the night vision quits working.  I have turned the camera on and off and turned night vision on and off.  I have changed its location.  After removing batteries and resyncing it to the base station it turns on, but like I said in a few hours I lose it again.  This is an outdoor camera and not ideal to have to remove the batteries, especially since I want the night vision to work when I am not at home.

This is not an internet issue or connectivity as I have a fast cable connection.  The red IR lights do turn on like it should be working.  I am not uploading a picture because quite frankly mine look the same as everyone else in these threads, just black with a few distant lights possibly showing.  I have the most recent firmware. I have tried new batteries. I use the iOS app, but same thing happens using the computer to view.

For as many complaints there are I would think there would be a fix by now.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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