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Re: Mifi connection at my cottage run off battery

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Smb Tutor
Hi, I just set my Arlo up to monitor my camp using a cellular router and it runs off a 12 volt battery and inverter. Works well and it's not using that much data so my plan is relatively cheap. I'm planning on using a solar panel once I determine the size I require. Interested in ifttt to set off a horn or something in the event of a break in.
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Thanks for sharing. Keep us updated on the results and any issues you may run into.



Smb Tutor
Got the solar panel all set up and added an extra battery. I find I have to unplug the LAN cable from the Arlo base station to the mifi router for a second when I shut power off when switching to my generator.
Tried a wemo switch in hopes of setting up a horn with no luck, for some reason I can't get it to sign onto the router using the password I'll be trying to figure that out with tech support this weekend.
Smb Tutor
If anyone wants pictures or info let me know. I've got about $780 Canadian wrapped up in the deal but I've got a reliable power source and Internet at the cottage too. My data plan is 10 bucks a month ( depends on usage)
Deanw Star

I'm very interested in how this has been workings and how exactly you set it up. If you could give me some more info that would be great, I'd love to do something similar for my RV when we leave it for extended periods of times and with number of break ins in the area.