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Magnetic Mounts

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Has anyone's had any experience using the magnetic mounts outside during windy/stormy conditions? Wondering if the magnetic mounts will be strong enough to support the camera during inclement weather conditions mainly high wind during thunderstorms. Thanks for your feedback.

Well, I can answer "half-yes."  I put a magnetic mount/camera very exposed on an upper outside wall of my house (w/double-stick tape and then extra electrical tape on the mount only).  Then I stuck the camera on it.  First off, I honestly wouldn't have gotten off the ladder and left the camera (a $160 value....) on it if I didn't feel and can't claim here that it felt EXTREMELY solid.  I just wouldn't suffer it to fall 12 feet down to the ground.  I can't say I've had storm(y) conditions yet, but we did have some (rare California) rain the other day with a few gusts.  The camera and picture remained solid and I'd expect it to in anything other than truly devastating conditions.


The bottom line on this (and which can be applied to probably a lot of questions posed/posted in these forums), is that nobody has really had their Arlos any length of time to start collecting any valid or helpful histories.  But everything in time.  🙂  In the interim, if you live in an area that DOES get frequent windstorms or rain and you DO go w/the magnetic mount, maybe place some type of cushioning beneath it in the highly unlikely event it DOES get separated.  Actually, that's a good idea and even though mine would come down on a back dirt/weeded area, I might also find something to lay down as an extra buffer.  BTW, I didn't use a screw-in mount because I wasn't about to drill into the plaster or concrete or whatever the **bleep** outside wall is made of.