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Low battery with VERY minimal usage - known issue

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OK Netgear, clearly this is not a fluke. There is a known issue with battery draining in cold temps. So how about you speak up and let us know what is going on? A) There is an update on the way to correct a false battery reading caused by cold temps or B) Arlo is not suitable for cold temperatures and you will be refunding our money (unfortunately I tossed the packaging). Please respond!!!

Your Arlo system might misreport the battery charge levels in extreme cold temperatures. The batteries themselves are not running low.


The Arlo product team and engineers are working hard to resolve the issue with battery charge notifications so that the system reports accurately.


In the meantime, follow these troubleshooting steps if you experience this issue

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<OK Netgear, clearly this is not a fluke. There is a known issue with battery draining in cold temps.>


As mentioned... the battery isn't draining from the low temps.  The chemistry of the battery in cold lowers the nominal voltage of the cells... the camera reads the lower voltage and thinks the battery is going. The battery still has a good life left.


In another thread, I just posted I put out my camera last night in 10-15f weather... tho the battery level went down, the camera didn't fail to operate.


I think that Netgear is on this big time and a FW update down the road will fix these 'false' readings


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Erroneous battery life meter readings caused by temperature are a phenomenon not limited to Arlo.


I use a Garmin hiking GPS nearly every weekend year-around. With brand new lithium batteries the battery life meter will read full indoors. Outdoors in 35 degrees this weekend, the meter quickly dropped to 50%, Six hours later and back to room temperature (the unit was never fully powered down), the meter returned to nearly 100%.


Cold temps affect the metering, but not the battery life - IF - you are using lithium batteries. Alkaline batteries do not perform as well compared to lithium batteries in cold temperatures. Do a google search for comparison results.

I've just installed my cameras 30 minutes ago and I'm experiencing this same issue with the indicator