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I installed a new 2 camera system 3 days ago.  Both Camera's are outside and now I have one camera reporting 100% and the other 14%.  Both are eave mounted and maybe 50 feet away from each other.  Temps have been in the 30's to 40's.  So not extremely cold.  The camera reporting 14% has recorded about 30 1minute videos and is set to the balanced mode.  It continues to work ok but I am concerned.  Was going to order 2 more cameras but will wait til I see how this is addressed

Arlo Employee Retired

Good evening Tad,


Thank you for your detailed post. It is interesting that one of your cameras is showing a depleted battery level after a short amount of time. One way to test if weather is playing a factor in the battery level reading is to bring the camera inside (temporarily) and let it warm up to room temperature. Once the camera is back to a normal temperature power cycle the camera by simply opening and closing the battery door.


If the camera returns to an expected battery level this would confirm the camera misreported the level due to the colder weather. Our development team is diligently working on a firmware update that will provide a fix for the misreporting levels and hope to release it as quickly as possible.


If the camera battery level still reads at a critical level please let me know and I will open a support ticket so we can investigate this issue further.


Looking forward to your next update.


Best Regards,


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That fixed it. Strange only one camera glitched though.  I know this is an on going issue but I now have over $700.00 invested in my system and really don't want to keep running up and down ladders.  ETA on a firmware update would be nice.