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LANMU Power adapter to replace C123 batteries for Arlo 3030 camera?

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GZOOOM Aspirant

I am new to Arlo 3030 camera tecnology but see frequent adverts for a LANMU power adaptor to replace the C123 batteries.  Mixed reports on the seller sites, does anyone in this communty or at Netgear have first hand experience/advice?



Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

It's got an "okay" rating on Amazon but I don't think anyone has posted about it here. Just be aware that use of it could void your 1 year warranty if it causes an issue with your camera.

GZOOOM Aspirant

Apprecciate the warning on the warranty, I was not aware of that.

Thebennyhana Aspirant
Found a cheat on you tube... involves a long micro usb charger. Been using this for one of my cameras that gets alot use, tired of swapping batteries every week. Users here will tell you not to do it, not sure why, I have had no problems in over a year with that camera... check YouTube...
daveanthes Aspirant

I bought a LANMU power adapter.  It seemed to work but when I plugged it in it showed battery at 50% even though it was plugged in.  Then I noticed that the battery would be depleated over time.  Now its at 25% even though its plugged in and not really a battery.  Not sure if it's working correctly or not but doesn't seem to be if the power gets depleated.