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Keeps recording absolutely Nothing?!

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Chevy_mama Tutor

I've been avoiding the boards due to answers that are of no help to me but, once again I can't ignore this issue.

For MONTHS now, I get recordings of Nothing! No it's not the wind! No Bird bee or spider either! Last night if anything it should have gone off with the crazy 50mph winds but not a peep from Arlo. Here's what I've been noticing, around the hours of 12pm-1pm somedays it starts at 11:30am, It will keep recording nothing to point I have to trun the dang thing off! Quit draining my battries! So, my question is, am I hacked or something? Is someone trying to see if I'm home or not? It just makes no sence? It's been recording like it should lately when I walk by, I'm just curious about the strange time frames where it decides to do this almost daily. Anyone else experience this? I've had this arlo for aprox 5 years so It's not my settings, they are just fine.