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Re: Just.... stops recording?

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So while in any mode, all cameras will stop recording after one or two motion detected recordings. Example: in ARMED mode, all cameras record on motion, I can walk from the garage (cam 1) into the living room (cam 2) then the office (cam 3) and then out the front door (cam 4) and in the backyard (cam 5). All will pick up motion and record. I can immediately do the same walk again and nothing. Still in armed mode. App shows all cameras active and ready to rock. I switch from armed to any other mode, then back again, and I can do one walk around, then same results..... any suggestions? Everything is up to date, app, base and cameras.... kinda lost because I only get one activation then I have to "reset", what's the point in that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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make sure you have the cameras set for a "timed" lenght... not record till motion stops. ( it can stop recording early )

then remember that after the camera finishes a recording of set time , it takes about 5-10 secs to reset.... so if you walk thru right away it may not record. i set most of mine to 20-30 secs... enough time to walk thru a capture but still short enough that I get a second recordin when walking back ( at 20 secs record, total time is less then 30 for second record )

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