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Issues with original Arlo Wire-free cameras

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I bought 3 arlo cameras about 2 years ago and thought it's about time to give some valuable needed feedback. When I originally bought them they worked great. They connected well, they never failed me.. fast forward one year and this is what is wrong with them. The first camera doesn't have night vision anymore.. solution to this was move it to the front door where my porch light is on at night... 2nd camera at about 60 percent battery life turns the filter turns the camera footage pink. So I replace the batteries every month or so on that one. The third camera falls out of range from wifi so I have to constantly reset it. Granted it never did this before. I even moved it closer where the other one had perfect wifi connectivity but still fails.... all and all I am very dissatisfied with how the longevity of this product is. I would recommend a hardwire system it's worth the investment vs the headache.. I have not reached out to customer service, because I read that they give people a lot of crap and plus it's been 2 years.. doubt they will do anything anyway.. buyer beware..


I've had tons of problems with my Arlo cameras. In the beginning I thought they were fabulous. When I added more cameras problems started creeping up. I've had 2 go all pink, which means they stay in infrared position. The lag time on teh motion detection used to be great, now I have 2 cameras that never "see" anything. I need one to trigger the cameras and by the time it does cars and people are well into my house. I've had 2 cameras go get stuck in record mode. I've had cameras that do not pick up the motion in front of them. At night cars will drive in front of or underneath the camera without detection and sometimes in the day. Netgear has replaced a number of cameras for me. 

While I do not like the regular help you get if yuu just call in (they have hung up on me more than once, given me wrong inforamtion etc). Level 2 support is nothing short of fabulous. They are the reason I love NetGear. I do not want to hate this product but it is inconsistant and shows signs of breaking. I wanted to try and upgrade to Pro but they do not have an upgrade plan. boo hiss.