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Is Motion Detection/Recording Delay Related To The Base Station Or The Camera Itself?

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I'm setting up my old Arlo camera system in my new house. I am interested in adding an Arlo-Q or Arlo Pro2 to the basement. I was wondering if the motion detector-recording delay is related to the base station or the camera itself? I have the older style Arlo base station. Should I be looking at buying one of the bundles that comes with the new style Arlo Pro Base Station to elimate the recording delay on my new camera?


I also saw some posts about the old style base station not supporting local recording via USB port. Some of the posts indicated that it was under consideration for the older base station. Was this ever developed or would I need the Arlo Pro Base Station for this feature?

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The lag time is a function of your Internet speeds, the distance to the servers and the server response time. Basically, it isn't going to change regardless of the camera in use. If lag is an issue, use powered cameras (Q or Pro series) so you get the 3 second lookback which is available since the cameras are always streaming.


The original base never had active/usable USB ports. The Pro base would be the solution for use of a USB drive.