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Infrared LED Remains On - Possible Battery Drain?

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Hi - 


Like many others posting in this forum, I've had hit or miss battery performance for cameras that are operated at room temperature and only record once or twice per day.  For one of my cameras, the batteries consistently last ~3 months, but sometimes they'll last for two weeks and then die.  I figured this was a software issue - some type of process on the camera itself needless chewing CPU, or Wi-Fi power saving issue, etc.  Now I'm wondering if it's due to the IR LED.




I've got two indoor cameras - one in my pet's kennel and one of the room where the kennel is in.  Today I was viewing both at the same time and both IR modes were active since it's a dark day.  From the vantage point of the Arlo camera viewing the room, I could clearly see the bright light in my pet's kennel from the IR LED of the camera in the kennel.  I stopped streaming of the camera in the kennel but the camera with the view of the room still saw the bright light coming from the kennel.  In fact, it remained on several minutes after I stopped streaming both cameras and came back to look.


It seems that sometimes (perhaps often?) the IR LED on this Arlo camera of mine stays on unnecessarily, probably draining the battery.


Starting & stopping streaming of the camera in the kennel didn't shut off the IR LED.  It remained on.  I was finally able to shut off the IR LED by going into camera settings, disabling IR mode, saving, then reenabling IR mode.


Question for the group - am I the only one with this problem?  Has anyone used a smartphone or other digital camera (that can see the IR wavelength) to look at the front of any of their Arlo cameras while idle that are experiencing battery drain issues?


I'm going to audit mine every day or so and see if any of my other cameras are suffering from this.


- Mark

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You could try removing the affected cameras from Settings, My Devices and resync them to see if that helps. If not, swap cameras with a normally working camera. If the issue follows the camera, open a case using the Contact Support link at the bottom of these pages. You could also try resetting the base using the reset button until the LEDs flash amber, remove all devices from Settings, My Devices and add the base back in using the Add Device button on the Devices tab. Sync the cameras using only a brief (<1 second) press of the sync button.