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How many cameras can a single base station handle? (update?)

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mjsteelega Aspirant

Is there any update to this question?  The current proposed "solution/answer" is over 3 YEARS old.  


If the originla Arlo still has those limits, do the newer base stations have different limits?  Has the subscription model changed?

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
Guru jguerdat Guru

There was another thread I responded to today - is this a dupe post?


Ive been told that 15 cameras is the max suggested to pair with one base although apparently more can theoretically be paired. It's likely a performance issue as you add cameras but the big thing is that regardless of how many cameras are paired only 5 can stream at one time. Thus, if you have a whole slew of cameras paired and it's possible that many of them could stream at the same time (live view and/or recording) you may lose videos.


I'd suggest a second (or third) base before adding more and more cameras to a single base.