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Re: Arlo HD with solar powerbank

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I'm opening this discution to know if anyone here, have tried to use a solar powerbank to power the Arlo HD camera using the micro usb port.

I know that Arlo doesn't aprove this situation, but I want to post my idea.

I've tried to use a 5V/2A power adapter, but after a few minutes of connecting the camera, this turns off/standby, and I have to re-plug the cable. I also tried to use a powerbank to see, if this solution works, instead of the batteries, but happens the same situation, with the camera turning off.

I will try another camera configuration to see what happens, but until there, I want to know what you think, use an Outdoor Solar Powerbank to power the camera? I'm studying this idea, and I'm willing to try it.

Solar powerbank

Have any one here already tried this solution?



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Yes, the internal USB use to work, but don't believe it does any more.... ( it was for fw install originally )


Yes, a power bank can power the Arlo HD cameras, but you'll have to go outside the box...and if any warranty, it will be lost.


You will have to direct wire the power source, and prob use the 9v output ( not sure the cam will run on 5v ) with a few diodes in series ( each one provides about a .6v drop and the cam can take around 8v max ) since it runs on 6.4 oem cells and 7.4v with li-ion )... 


Read thru this texts for extra help on how to ; ( all has prob been done before )



BTW, search feature is a wonderful thing  🙂

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This week I've repeated my test with micro usb cable, and they work perfectly.

First I test it with a QC 3.0 fast charger, from my mobile phone and the camera worked 1 day without issues.

After I connect put a powerbank in the middle, and continue work fine.

At the end I unplug the ac power and the power bank keep my camera working for 3 days (until I finish the test).

After these tests, I decide to buy a waterproof powerbank with solar panel, I'm waiting for the delivery. After the tests I will update my post.


VGCC - That is really interesting news.   A few years back, I tried a non-ARLO approved solar panel, but never got it to work correctly.  The camera would go offline all of the time.   Then I finally bit the $ bullet, and bought 2 new ARLO solar panels.   1 of them has been working for over 4 years, but the other one died within 2 months.   The cable went bad.   Tried for 9 months, was told by CS that the panel was on BO, and when they were available they would send me one.   Never did see that replacement cable or panel (its been 3 years).  Shortly there after I bought another panel, took the cable out, plugged it in, and it has been in use since.   


If you happen to have cable # and manufacture of the cable your using, I would appreciate it.