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Geo-fencing is back broken a long when schedule! Gong on a year of incompetent issues!

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I was having a issues with missing videos and Geofencing taking over 30min to update after I got home.  It worked OK when I left.  This stated about 2+ weeks ago.  Today to try and fix it I deleted all my camera, my base, and all my settings.  I started from scratch.   

After reinstaling everything I got all my setting done.  When at home it is noted to run my custom schedule.  When I leave it should be armed.  Two issues now.  

Geofencing is not updating unless I open the app.  It does not arm or get to home mode unless I open the app.  
2nd issue is that when running schedule I have my custom mode setup for only two cameras to record when I am home durring the day.  Instead of the app showing running the custom mode it is instead showing disarmed.  I checked the camera's and they are not picking up motion so they are disarmed.  If I manualy arm them they work fine.  

I am running the android app if that helps.  

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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My experience with this is that it's the phone not polling often enough when the phone is sleeping to allow the app to properly set the location. That's why you see things work when you wake the phone.  Arlo isn't alone in this - my August Smart Lock has the same issue and it additionally uses WiFi as a determination of being at home.


Yes. I can also confirm that the schedule is broken again!

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