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Tonight, the replacement camera you sent me will NOT even recognize motion 4 feet away when I wave my hands in front of it. Are you taking me for a FOOL????

YOU have ceased supporting your original ARLO cameras of which I have 5. I am considering putting this warning on the internet." ARLO has stopped supporting the ARLO cameras. Do want you want, but if you are smart DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY NOR ENERGY BUYING ARLO CAMERAS. I bought a system 4 years ago, it ran reasonably well until January 2020 when it went offline for no reason, the cameras malfunctioned, and folks have been curious if the ARLO engineers are overwelhming the cameras with automatic software and firmware changes that have deemed the battery life from 4 months to 2 weeks and the camera reliability and base station reliability to "not to be counted on". If you leave your house and the system goes offline, you can not reset it until you go home again. So, if you want a security system that is reliable---DO NOT BY ARLO. They have downgraded since they have become disassociated with net gear. You have been advised. Choose to do as you wish. I have been had. The ARLO tech support takes an hour on the phone and three days later, the same problems exist. This was not the situation a few years ago. Now it is, You have be advised. I would not have bought had I known the poor customer service and poor response. This has become a scam company. You can decide for yourself. As for me, I am distressed that a good product has morphed to a scam.... You have been warned... I would accept my money back for the investment I made in good faith. D. Deist


PS.  Have you noticed that they do not even "list" the ARLO original cameras now... What does that tell you about the support of whatever camera system you purchased.  These guys only care about "selling new stuff" and not supporting former products.  You have been advised.  What will you do?  Who will you blame for not letting you know, next year.... Think about it.  Review some other systems.  They have really lost my confidence in good faith and customer service.

Agree totally. I paid good $ for these 4-5 years ago and they now don’t work. Appear to be fine but zero recordings since 9/23. Get Blink cameras instead!
I am trying to find all cords for the VMB4000 Arlo Pro 2/ Base Station. I chatted with 3 Arlo reps and the service was awful! I had to keep telling my story over and over. I told them that I wanted the owner to see the chat transcript and all of a sudden Vince lost connections with me. First it was the system, then Abbey. Who transferred me to Vince. Then Vince says he is in tech so he has to transfer me. Who should know better about the product and accessories than the company itself? What awful service! I’m going to return these essential cameras I just bought. I am pissed that they wasted my time (Over an Hour).