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Can't add second Arlo Wire-Free Camera to R7000

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I have had one Arlo Wire-Free working just fine on my R7000 for several months.  

R7000 firmware V1.0.6.28_1.1.83

Nothing plugged into my router USB.


I just bought a second camera and can't get it to sync with the R7000.


Here is my process:

1. New batteries installed in new camera for a few minutes.


2. Press and hold the WPS button on the router until it flashes. The router light starts flashing.


3. Press the sync button on top of the camera.

The camera light starts flashing blue.  The router light stops flashing.

After a few seconds, the camera light flashes fast amber.

The router light starts flashing again.


Couple of thoughts....

I saw a post which indicates the camera firmware may be bad.  Is this something I can update?

If I use the Arlo base instead of the R7000 will the camera firmware problem be solved? 


I saw a post which indicates there is a new R7000 firmware V1.0.6.40_1.1.90.  Is this BETA firmware specifically doing something for Arlo? When is R7000 production firmware coming to support Arlo?  (I don't want to do factory reset on my router and then reconfigure it 4 more times.) 

Guru Guru

You can try the bet firmware here:


You should do a factory reset but try it out and see if it works first.