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Camera keeps disconnecting from base

So my setup has been working alright for a while (~20 months). Out of the blue, one of the cameras keeps disconnecting from the base and I have no idea why. Nothing has changed in the last 20 months - apart from the camera getting new rechargeable batteries some 13 months ago. The distance from the base is the same and so are my rules. 

HW Version H11
Firmware 1.3.314

The network is half way there 2 bars out of three : 



What could I do to fix this ? I only find out about this disconnection when I log in to the app because I didn't get notifications. Sometimes a restart via the app will fix this (because all the cams sync). Or I can physically push the synch button on the camera and the base. This is not practical if I go on a vacation - which I very shortly am. Especially because when restart via the app doesn't work, then I have to unplug the power and the internet from the base and restart the whole thing. Another thing to note is, this is probably the only camera which is scheduled to be on 24/7. I really don't want to delete it and add it again - as it will mess up my rules. Help please





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Re: Camera keeps disconnecting from base

Anyone ?


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Arlo Moderator

Re: Camera keeps disconnecting from base

Have you tried to remove the camera from Settings > My Devices & Re-add it?

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Re: Camera keeps disconnecting from base

Thanks for replying. Would that mess up my rules (Schedules) ? 

Will I have come up with all of the schedules again ? Or could I save myself the hassle by adding it using the same name?

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Re: Camera keeps disconnecting from base

If you remove and resync a camera, any settings or rules will have to be rebuilt so note what you have so you can fix them afterwards. You won't have to recreate modes or schedule, just the rules for that camera in any modes you use. The Armed mode will automatically get a rule added but only with default settings.

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Re: Camera keeps disconnecting from base

Hello, @jguerdat


I did this (remove and re-add) three days ago. I found it disconnected again yesterday. So, removing and re-adding isn't working. :-( any other ideas ?

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Re: Camera keeps disconnecting from base

It's a last ditch effort but a reset may help. That means removing all devices from Settings, My Devices (start with the cameras and finish with the base). If you want, also press the reset button until the LEDs flash amber. Let the base reboot. Use the Add Device selection on the Devices tab to claim the base. Sync the cameras. Update firmware as you go if prompted.


No guarantees but it may help.

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Re: Camera keeps disconnecting from base

Same issues. Remove and repair cameras. Reset base station and set up system. Still loose connection with cameras and base station
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Re: Camera keeps disconnecting from base

It appears this is a very common issue as after several years several of my cameras are disconnecting as well.  I see plenty of suggestions but no solutions.  

1) It is not the distance from the base.  The camera's that are furthest from the base are not disonnecting. No pattern.

2) Resetting and reconnecting does not fix the problem

3) Camera's could work for several days or a week then disconnect

4) It can reconnect by simple taking batteries out and putting them back in camera.  But days or a week or two later it disconnects.


I was going to upgrade to the 4k model but this issue has really turned me off with Arlo as it seems to be a relatively new problem as I have had camers for quite some time now.  So I suggest Arlo please offer up a permanent fix.  Even if they simple say your cameras or base stations are old and need replacing.  I can do that.  But I do not want to buy camers just to have the same issue.  


ARLO STAFF Please deliver a solution.  Thanks

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Arlo Moderator

Re: Camera keeps disconnecting from base

Hi @JOmoore @captmullet


  Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support

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