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Camera has red tint contacted support without success

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egaspar Aspirant

Call support answer someone in the Philippines, total nightmare without any resolution to my problem. Already did reset took out the battery without success. Would like replacement as still in Warranty. They told me I need to give them credit card number to process camera replacement. I said no way I am giving some stranger in Philliphines my credit card number. No support in Europe not going to purchase their product as customer service is non-existent. 


My second camera which should be waterproof has water in the lens so the image looks horrible. Not recommend to anyone this company. 

Model: VMA1000|Arlo Smart Home
AncientGeek Hero

Be careful who you call.  There are scammers out there claiming to be Arlo support.  They pop up on web searches for Arlo support.  Don’t call them.  Go to and follow the links to support and contact us.