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Re: Batteries draining within 2 days

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Hi there,

I have been using Arlo (original) for just over a year with four cameras installed around my house.

Recently I noticed the batteries on one unit totally drained shortly after replacement. I rebooted the whole system and replaced the batteries in the drained unit only for them to run out again less than a week later. I have replaced them yet again and tested the camera to ensure it is connected, now only to find the batteries totally drained again less than 2 days after replacement. I am using Duracell genuine LR123 batteries that work fine in the other cameras.


The camera is positioned looking at a back door where there is no movement. Sun light does not stream in this do and the image is static, therefore it has to be another problem. The wi-fi reception in that part of the house is fine, in fact we have a camera much further away from the router near this one and it does not drain.


The unit is now over 1 year old. Can I return the unit to be replaced? I have already had to return one of these cameras for being faulty and am now getting annoyed at the frequency I seem to be replacing batteries. I have already spent £48 on batteries for just one camera in the last month.

As I write this, I also notice another one of the cameras now says offline (that had its' batteries replaced a few weeks ago).

Nothing about my network configuration has changed in the last year.

Looking forward to so advice to fix this.

Kind regards,


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Two things pop to mind:


1) Invest in rechargeable batteries (the Arlo-approved Tenergy setup is recommended) so you don't have to keep buying batteries.


2) Swap cameras around to see if the problem stays with the position or the camera.  If it's the camera, you're outside the warranty period so yer stuck. Hopefully, it's something about the position that can be rectified by repositioning the camera.

Thank you. Am not going to invest in batteries that recharge to solve this as I would be forever charging them. The cameras are not performing as advertised.

I will try swapping and seeing but them risk the batteries I do have dying.

It would of course stop working after the warranty. I am amazed at the quality of Arlo. The product has so many unhappy customers yet net gear haven't addressed any of the problems other than saying upgrade.

Wish I hadnt wasted so much purchasing them.

Very poor.