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Base station offline and camera issues

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I have the Arlo Wireless camera system. The basestation with 3 cameras has worked well for me for the 4 months I have had it. Yesterday, it stated I needed to do a firmware update. I also needed to change batteries. Well, I did these processes and it says that all 3 of my cameras are "Your device is not connected. Make sure it's connected to your router and has a working Internet connection."


Taking this information, I went to the base station, attempted to sync cameras first. I never get a blue sync light. The only light I can get to come on is the Amber light when the sync button is pressed for too long. Also, on my online account, it states that my base station is offline. I have attempted to reset the base station by utilizing the reset button until all the lights flash amber. I have also attempted to reset it by unplugging for a few minutes. Neither method has proved to be successful.


On the base station, the only lights I have are the first twoare lit up green. I cannot get anything else to light up. I have attempted to remove device from our account and when I added device back, it still states offline, cannot get any more lights, and it still refuses to sync.


Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. I was more than happy with this system until as of recent. And upon some investigation, it seems these problems are pretty frequent. This is disappointing. None of the answers in the Arlo community have proved to be fruitful for my situation. PLEASE HELP!!!

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station, VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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Since you're reset the base,you also have to remove all devices found in Settings, My Devices.  Then use the Add Device button on the Cameras tab to add the base and sync the cameras.


There have been a number of recent issues with the last firmware update not completing.  Check out this message: