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Arlo wireless rechargable batteries not lasting

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I have an older version of Arlo Wireless 2 Wire-Free HD security Camera's with model number VMS3230. I bought it at Best Buy on Black Friday November 2018. I use them outdoors with skins and in places where the heat is not high and rain is not an issue. The problem is the batteries are rechargable ARLO CR123, one set is white with green and the other set is all green. Each set was bought from Amazon. One set that is all green will work about a week, the white with a little green last about 2 days.  I have the round type charger that came with one set of batteries. The second set of batteries I ordered seperatly.  I have now read here that the Tenergy recharable are recommended. I have also read that their has been an upgrade to the software. I am going to try that but if there is anything else I can try, please feel free to add your thoughts. I use these to monitor an area about 200 feet where we have a barn and it is mostly to let me know when someone comes up the long drive we have. We have caught some deer hunters that were placed on no tresspassing so I'm happy with the service. Just wondering if I have an older version that I should maybe upgrade or try ordering the Tenergy rechargable batteries first. We have good WIFI with extenders that really help and I've caught more people but I have to climb a ladder to change the batteries and it's getting old. I'm a female living with my elderly mother and just trying to keep our property safe. I did notice when I tried to put the model number in, it was not in the list. I use the app on a tablet or on my Android phone. I do like the system but if the battery situation does not get any better I might be ready to just try a different product other than the Arlo. 


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Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @Winn_38


I have a few questions for you.


-When did this issue with the batteries not lasting as long occur?

-Have you adjusted any sensitivity/record time settings? 

-Did you change locations for the camera(s) maybe causing it to go offline?