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I have read many threads...and have at least one out here...but am giving up.

I like Arlo Q...but I am tired of issues with Arlo wirefree. The low battery message has tormented me. I have looked at contacts, battery types, always used new (same type batteries).

I was in contact with netgear support for months..but they constantly drag it out and try to autoclose it. 

I hate that I spent so much on their system and yet these wirefree cameras (most of the ones I have) are so buggy). I have my ticket number...but can't even find it on their site anymore...and they apparently gave up trying to help. 

In past...they said firmware update (never helped), spring issues, etc...but nothing helped. I was about to give up and throw away...but I bought them at if not new ideas... I plan on throwing the whole system in a box and returning to Costco. That is the only way I think Netgear will feel the pain of dealing with this.


I used to love Netgear...but between this and firmware issues I have had with their Nighthawk router ...I am about done with NetGear. With the router there was bad firmware issue which we got fixed by giving me a beta version (not released)....but then with their newest update (disney parental controls) has broken their existing OpenDNS controls (can't enable/control using app or GUI).


I think it is time for me to look for a better product line.

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Community Manager



You might try removing the camera that has the issue from Settings > My Devices and then sync it back to the base station. Do you still experience the same issue?


What kind of batteries are you using?