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Arlo wire free battery drain

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I have the wire free camera and the I put new batteries in for the 3rd time this week. First was Duracell, the last times 2 were Energizer, they are brand new batteries, not cheap by any means,$80. for 12 and as soon as I put them in, and hook it up its says the battery is at 45%. Why is this happening? How do I fix it, the cost of batteries every couple days isn't really worth having this camera

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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First , if you are getting a lot of recordings and/or viewing alot the batteries will not last long.

Spec usage is 5 or less min a day.

Second, if you put in new batteries and it read 45-50% then one set of batteries are not making contact... check the internal springs, clean them a pencil eraser and properly install batteries ( see pic below )

Third, arlo does sell good rechargeable in a 123 format ( tenergy brand with charger ) tho they will last half as long due to capacity but are usable over 300 times.



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