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Arlo custom modes not working properly

I'm just beside myself at how buggy Arlo has proven to be.


I have a number of Arlo Pro 2 cameras around my house (outside).  I set up two custom programs:  Custom Armed, Custom Disarmed.  


In Custom Armed mode, I have specific cameras near the doors that I have trigger a notification.  I also want those to trigger other cameras to record as well (in areas that have too much motion to trigger on their own, like cars going by).


In Custom Disarmed mode, I want specific cameras to record, like the front door (for packages, etc), but I don't care about notifications.  


I want to use the Geofencing mode for my partner and I such that if one of us is home, the mode is set to Custom Disarmed, if we are both away, it sets it to Custom Armed.


I have all of this configured correctly (I'm a SW Engineer), and NONE OF IT WORKS.


For Geofencing, if I'm home it says the mode is "home" and sets the mode to "Custom Disarmed" just fine.  And, my notifications stop.  My partner, however, gets notifications endlessly.  If I'm home and walking around the house, he'll get 500 notifications about it.


For my custom armed programs, they don't work either.  I'll see a recording for the primary camera, but I won't see anything for my "also record this camera".  


I'm also getting motion notifications in my custom mode for cameras that aren't even listed as part of the custom mode.


How is it THIS bad?  I mean, advertised, documented functionality just DOESN'T work.


Arlo is really the only thing on the market that provides the wire free experience, the hardware is good, but this software is infuriating.

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Is Arlo REALLY still this buggy?

Hi @Ryan0751


What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far? I do not want to suggest anything you may have previously performed.

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Re: Is Arlo REALLY still this buggy?

For the programs themselves, I've tried to delete them and recreate them.


For issues with Geofencing, we've gone through the steps of disabling Geofencing, removing my partners phone from Arlo entirely, re-adding him (re-sharing), and re-setting it back up.

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Re: Is Arlo REALLY still this buggy?

Due to the amount of issues described I have opened a case for you. I will contact you via private message with further information.

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