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Arlo cameras won't sync

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Here is what happened yesterday... so I've been using my arlo with 2 cameras just fine for months. I have an additional camera that I've actually had connected to the base before, just haven't had the 4 additional batteries until now. I attempted to re-add it last night. Following the arlo procedure in doing so. Needless to say it wouldn't sync. Well, decided to reset the base station, log out and uninstall the app and start over completely once again following arlos procedures to a T and now none of my cameras will sync. I have spent a couple hrs now starting over each time to no avail and I'm about to throw this **bleep** in the trash!!

Base station shows the first 2 green lights on. All batteries have been fully charged. When I press the sync button on the base first the 3rd green light flashes, I then close the battery cover on the first camera wait a few seconds and press the sync button... blue light flashes slowly for 15 seconds give or take and then flashes yellow rapidly. I've tried this on all 3 cameras and all do the same thing. I even as a last resort considering the 2 cameras worked fine before base reset, I power cycled my router off and on and waited for everything to fully connect before trying again. The base is also connected directly to the router via cable not wifi.

I've even attempted to connect using the app and syncing that way and still same result rapid yellow light on all 3 cameras so yep also reconnected the base w the app as well.

I am also trying to sync all 3 cameras within inches of the base. I only press the sync buttons for maybe a second or 2.

I just dont know what else to try. Please help!!
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My process would be to remove all devices from Settings, My Devices. Hold th reset button until the LEDs flash amber. Wait for the base to reboot and then claim normally using the Add Device selection on the Devices tba. Make sure the batteries are fresh and sync the cameras. Update firmware as you go if prompted