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Bought these last year, after my car was broken into. Wish I would have returned them. Went away for a family vacation, and set one camera at the front door, and one at the back. Both cameras lost connection shortly after we left. When this happens, I have to manually sync them back up to the The base, which means taking them down, and bringing them within 3 feet of the station.

This happens, at the least, 2 times a week. The base station is well within range of the cameras.

Battery life is horrible, with new batteries lasting only a month. I even went and bought the rechargeable batteries, and they don't last very long at all. A week, if I'm lucky.

Is there anything I can do to stop the cameras from CONSTANTLY losing connection, or am I better off to just toss them into the trash?

I have five (5) Arlo Cameras around my home. I usually only get two to work at one time. I suffer from disconnencts, battery drain, basically everything that has been mentioned in the blog. Going to toss the whole system soon if I cannot get a fix for the problems. Like the one person said, I think I have spent more money on this system than I would have on a fully wired in (cameras/power) system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  tjs249