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Arlo camera hardware's good but problems with firmware, software, and more within 6 months

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6 months into using this product and in my honest opinion I would not recommend this product to my worst enemy. The hardware is good but that is where it stops. Buggy firmware, unreliable software  not sure what amount of finances they used to negotiate for cloud servers. By their actions or inactions they have proven that they do not care about their customers experience or the customers data. Let alone standing true to what they advertise. They have definetly proven that they do not care about their customers. Perhaps the CEO Matt McRae would like to take the time to read the posts on Arlo's community forum. Hopefully someone at Arlo could take the time to forward this to him as it is apparent that he is not passively looking at the posts. Maybe he can enlighten us on what we should expect in the upcoming months from the product we have purchased. The only phone number to call is worthless to the majority of customers. Gary Snyder.

Arlo Employee Retired

Hey Bartley,


What problems are you currently having with your Arlo camera?


If you're experiencing any problems, you could always contact our support team at Arlo Support. Our team will be more than happy to help you further.