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Arlo Wire-Free camera and Arlo Pro goes offline when Base Station got replaced recently

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I have 3 arlo wireless cameras and 2 arlo pro wired cameras.


I have been having intermittent issues with cameras being offline that the base station was replaced at the beginning of the year. The last time the base station was offline the batteries had to be replace, however, I never received a low battery notification and I used to prior to receiving and installing new base station. My cameras are offline again, however, when I checked battery the day prior, the wireless cameras were all at 76% or above. Why am I not receiving low battery notifications and why are my cameras offline so frequently. This is becoming to be a hassle and not what was expecting. They have worked well for the past 2 years, but constant issues beyond what they should.  Also the last time cameras were offline, I changed batteries that did not indicate low battery, the base station and camers began working normally again. This is the reason I'm asking about low battery notifications as I don't receive them anymore. I can manually check, howeve, as indicated above, they displayed excellent battery life yesterday. Cynthia

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I'm still getting low battery emails although it's been a while since the last one.


WHen "offline," what are the LEDs on the base showing? What have you tried to resolve the situation?