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Arlo Pro battery life only 12 hours

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I purchased the certified factory refurbished arlo pro 5 camera system from amazon. It claimed that the batteries come fully charged from the factory. I noticed the day after I hooked it up 2 of the batteries were dead the next morning. I figured maybe being refurbished something got missed so I charged the batteries in all the cameras. The next morning 3 cameras are completely dead and 1 is at 47% yet 1 is at 97%. I am exchanging the system now through amazon but if it doesn't work I am trying a different brand. I have a system that is a third the price at my summer home and never had an issue. Very disappointed so far.

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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How much usage are the cameras seeing? Take a look here for a baseline of battery life expectations and what you can do to improve battery life: How long do Arlo camera batteries last?



Really? Not even a full day on the man's batteries and that is best you can do for reply. Does it matter really because in that amount of time they could not have seen enough usage to kill them unless maybe recording nonstop. It couldnt mean that it isn't a defective netgear product by chance would it. That never happens
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And what have you done to try to fix the problem? Are they recording a ton and/or being used for live viewing without pause? Have you brought the camera close to the base to ensure it's not a signal problem causing the camera to have to struggle to maintain a connection? If you have multiple cameras, have you swapped batteries around to see if it's the camera or battery? If you really feel it's a hardware fault, have you opened a case with support here for an RMA?