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Arlo Pro Batteries Are Draining Fast?

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buckleyj Follower
Fitted new batteries a week ago and only said that they were at 30 percent. I’ve had the same batch of batteries in the other two cameras and they have lasted 2 months and are still ok. The previous batteries only last a couple of weeks and went from 80 percent to 12 percent in one day. I have reset the base station and all three cameras it’s just this one camera that is being troublesome, any ideas?
Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
phc Aspirant
I am experiencing the same thing. Drained newly charged rechargeable batteries in a couple of days. I figured they were old and replaced with new regular batteries. Drained those in a couple of days also. Replaced and down to half overnight. What gives?
Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

You say Pro batteries but these are the original cameras, not Pro which use unique rechargeable batteries.


When installing batteries in these cameras, just lightly place them in their slots - don't push them down. Let the battery door do the pushing. Since these cameras use the batteries in two sets of two (front and back) the camera will operate on one set just fine but will only show 50% even with fresh batteries. A symptom of you pushing the batteries down is fresh batteries but only half capacity shown.


As for fast draining, remember that the spec is for <5 minutes per day of recording and live view. How many total minutes per day of these have you been doing? Another possibility is that something has changed in the environment to block or interfere with the signal between the base and camera. Has something moved, including the base or cameras? Has a new device that uses the 2.4GHz band, WiFi or not, been introduced near the base or cameras?


Do any cameras have normal battery life? If so, swap the cameras around to see if the issue remains with the camera or the location.