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Arlo Cloud deleting files

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Yesterday evening i look recordings and this morning two recordings have been gone. I chat to support and they said that they cannot do anything. They also told that they do not tke any backups from there servers in Arlo cloud. 


Have anybody else had same problem? 

I cannot anymore trust that Arlo will keep important recordings!!!!!

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Any videos that you MAY even think important should be downloaded....

and I recommend NOT to delete any files as they auto delete based on your service level.

( also if you have a Pro/Pro2 base, use the usb backup as you can keep them as long as wanted )

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Hello From Florida Girl,

    I had the same problem with Arlo I went to bed with 5 days of video only to open it up the next morning to no videos all gone and the Crazy thing is that I had Already signed up for the 30 day subscripton but hen I called these people from Arlo they said that I wasnt on any plan  witch is also Crazy because I have the credit card charge. Arlo customer service is really usesless and was definetly nohelp there.