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Arlo Camera Won't Sync Back To The Base Station After Firmware Update

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I have changed the batteries and put in fresh batteries the camera that has previously synced will not sync. I have tried about 10x. I called the support number and they were completely rude and useless. The first person told me I needed to buy another camera and then hung up. I called again and that person pretended they couldn't hear me. The last time the person didn't even try just said that they cannot service cameras that are not sync'ed to the base station. I've never had an issue with Arlo cameras (I have 6); but this support model is ridiculous. I am thinking something with this camera got hung up during a firmware update and needs to be reset.. the answer would not be to throw the camera away. 


I am hoping someone can help. 

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator



Have you tried to remove the camera from the devices & attempt to re-sync?

Yes, this is where I got stuck adding it back. It won’t sync to be able to add it back to the hub.
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I'm sure this is repetitious but make sure the batteries are fresh and properly inserted (don't push them down - let the door do the pushing). Look for a brief blue LED flash to prove power is applied to the camera when closing the door. Reboot the base. Only briefly press the base sync button - don't hold it. Press the camera sync button. Watch for the camera LED blinking slow blue. If it fails you should see rapid amber blinks.


If all that fails, open a case with support here: