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Arlo Camera Motion detection range

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Tlafntn Aspirant

Good Morning All,


So I have had Arlo for a few years. I recently sold my NY home where these were installed and now installing them on my home in TX. I have the (I assume) origional Arlo wireless cameras. One thing I always had an issue with is the motion detection. During setup I test the motion detection and it blicks yellow indicating its picking me up but when active the cameras do not detect properly. Senisitivity is at 100 and it is still random. I am thinking of buying pro or pro2 but if they are just as bad I may just look for another brand. Anyone know what the ranges are and or what I am doing wrong if anything?


Camera 1 - Points down driveway. It did not pick up my wife and child when walking around and loading up the car for school but was activiated when she pulled out. When she returned and parked it never detected her.


Camera 2 is down our front door walking path. it did not detect my wife and son leaving for school but got the last bit of her head when returning.Screenshot_20190903-085014_Arlo.jpgScreenshot_20190903-084838_Arlo.jpgScreenshot_20190903-084823_Arlo.jpg

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Guru TomMac Guru

No pics approved yet so they don't show...


But the Arlo HD cams ( 4 batteries ) have a max range for people of 20 ft... so don't try to cover an area greter than that.

Make sure your setting the sense level in the MODE, not settings as that is for testing only and does not carry over... most of my cams work well at 90-93% settings


And as you prob know there is a delay bewtween detection and record , so place cams properly as mentione in the faqs

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Tlafntn Aspirant

Ahh that corrects one issue. They were at 80% in the mode. I do have the 4 battery cameras.


Here is a link to photos in my google drive.

Guru StephenB Guru

Also, motion detection is most sensitive at the left and right edges of the field of view.


That's a factor with both your camera placements, since they are both keeping either the driveway or the walk vertically in the field of view.  Detecting the SUV might still work fairly well, since it is so large - but it will be harder to detect people.


Lowering the front door camera so that the full body is in view when someone exits the porch (or walks up to it) should help.  If there's a spot where the camera covers the walk left-to-right instead of vertically, putting the camera there would help more.  You could alternatively rotate the camera by 90 degrees (I did that for a while with one of mine), but that is distracting when you review the recorded files.


Similarly for the driveway camera - it would detect people better if you can relocate it to cover the drive from side-to-side.  


Motion detection with the Pro-2 is similar - but it does also have the option of detecting audio.  If the neighborhood is quiet enough, that might also help (though mine is too noisy, I got too many audio alerts when I tried it).  Powering the newer cameras with AC power also will improve the motion detection - but not with the original ones.






Tlafntn Aspirant

Ok. Tonight Ill adjust them to see if the angle helps. I notice as the morning goes on I am picking up every car driving by now. I may turn them off for the day to save my battery haha! Ive always tried to set them up to cover the full area. Ill let you know how it goes.