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Arlo Camera Has Pink screen & Batteries Draining

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I have two problems with two different cameras. One - Batteries flat, replace with brand new ones and the battery life is 51%. Within a day the batteries are dead or so the camera thinks. I tested the supposedly dead batteries and they still had some juice left in them. Tried the supposedly dead ones in another camera and they seem fine. The other problem, different camera. The day time image has a pink hue. Keep rebooting the camera but no change. Nighttime image is fine.

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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A 50% reading means one set of batteries (front or rear since they work as two sets, 6v, and the camera switches beteen them) isn't making contact. When installing the batteries, don't push them down - let the battery door do the pushing.


The pink cast is due to a suck IR filter and has been talked about extensively here. If opening and closing the battery door to reset the camera doesn't fix it, open a case with support: