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Arlo Base Station is offline. Worked for 1-2 days but goes offline and will not come back online.

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TM0803 Follower

For months I have been receiving “Arlo Base Station Offline” while reading thousands of others having same issue. We have done the reboot of the base, recharge of the batteries and resync of the cameras. We even installed a new base station. The system works for 1-2 days then goes offline again and this time the base station wii not come back online. I would like to know when Arli is going to address this issue as it is clearly theirs to resolve. It is reasonable to expect support and communication for a $1,300 system yet both are absent.

Model: VMB3500 | Arlo Base Station
parsrgood Apprentice

I have also invested hard earned dollars on Arlo products. I agree that future buyers should do their homework before spending money on a flawed product. My base station has been going off line regularly and that's on top of all of the other problems that stem from Arlo's crippling updates of both app and firmware. My system worked fine up until their fatal firmware update in May of 2019. Since then my cameras have been nothing more than decoys.  

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station, VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera