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Arlo 1st Gen - Improved performance

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I've had a 7 camera, 1st Gen system w/ base station for a year now. It worked pretty well considering some of the variables that many have mentioned and some fixes or updates made by Netgear.

I use a Asus RT - AC3100 dual band 4 antenna router. I wish the cameras would couple with it as it's super strong and fast plus, using a fiber optic connection it has blazing speed. I have the cameras all around the outside of the home that you can see from the videos I uploaded here.

When I set the base station up initially, I placed it beside the Asus. This is where it has been from day 1. I always check WiFi strength with a software program on my laptop. I very seldom use the phone unless I'm out and about.                                                                                                                           
I have 2 cameras that are approx. 40' from the base station and have various walls and brick to lower the reception signal to those two cameras.

I invested in a Netgear WiFi booster to help my signal to my laptop and those cameras on the opposite side of the home. It helped with my laptop connection and helped somewhat with the signal strength on the farthest 2 cameras but fluctuated a lot.

Utilizing the WiFi signal strength meter and channel that everything was operating on (no close neighbor interference) I was still seeing the base station putting out a less than average signal compared to the Asus and the booster. Hmmmmm.......

Being as there is no way to access the setup of the base station except to restart it in "settings" I was at a loss for ideas.

I decided to attempt a "idea" of another sort. I figured the base station being right next to the source would make its broadcast signal the same as the Asus. That wasn't the case.

I actually at one time thought my neighbors router was channel chasing my equipment because the base station was named Netgear 48. I never named it that and assumed that was what was happening causing a weaker signal on the base station. It wasn't him at all. I conducted a "heat map" of a grid I made out to "find the culprit" follower (Netgear 48)

It was the base station ( Netgear 48) the whole time. So, don't misjudge the equipment until you've exhausted all means of troubleshooting the setup. It might have many possibilities to resolve "if" you're not very tech savy. Don't get disgruntled!

Thinking that "it is, what it is" not the case again. Here's what I had issues with and what actually made a 100% improvement to signal, battery strength, sensitivity and best channel to operate on. Cameras equipped using Tenergy Lithium CR123A non-rechargeable batteries.

1. Weak base station signal out.

2. Battery levels showing low or drained very quickly.

3. Unknown router ( Netgear 48) showing up as a signal channel chaser.

4. A weak signal strength on cameras farthest from the base station.

5. Interrupted connection to various cameras (off line warning)

6. Irradical triggering of the cameras.

7. Base station signal, (in out / out in) seen on WiFi strength meter software.

8. Cameras set on over 95% sensitivity or greater to achieve results.

Issue fixes:

1. Place WiFi booster in a middle of the home location.

2. Move the Arlo base station where the WiFi booster was and plug it into the booster with ethernet cable.


1. Full signal strength to all cameras.
2. Battery levels are showing correct to the checked voltage using a multimeter (95% chg or greater)
3. Base station output signal equal to if not greater than the Asus and booster at times.
4. Channel following of the base station is faster if router channel is changed ( very important)

5. WiFi signal improvement using the software and correct (same) channel rated at 100% improved.
6. Sensitivity of the cameras had to be lowered due to increased output and battery strength.
7. Faster wake up and less lag on the notification of movement at any camera.
8. All cameras set on best video setting (important in my locations)

9. False notification of movement illiminated.

10. Faster response when "going live" to view any camera location.

11. Better video images on the best setting.
12. Battery drain levels will be monitored for quality assurance over time.

So with that said, 2 simple changes have netted 12 excellent results. I can't say that this will work for your certain issue but, you have something to work off of to help improve your 1st Gen wireless Arlo's and for now. I only use "REAL" Tenergy lithium non-rechargeable batteries and cameras on 30 sec record time.

I hope this helps out someone if it's only 1 person, I've aided in a good result.

Thanks in advance
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