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ARLO should step up to be an actual security camera

This system has been nothing but a waste of time and energy trying to fix bugs. Motion sensors fail to pick up motion, other times it picks up too much motion. (Yeah, I know there's a setting... it's faulty at best.)


The cameras go offline very often. The base station goes down... often enough. Triggers are missed 10 to 15 seconds after event occurs. Color issues like the red, or the white blast of light that keeps you from viewing the event. (Kind of minor, but annoying.) This system is wonky at best. Definitely would not recommend this anymore sadly. I had hopes.


Battery liftetime is a joke. I know it's not expensive camera... so I guess that's on me (us). Not even sure what to trouble shoot anymore except deal with all of the bugs and issues.

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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Re: ARLO should step up to be an actual security camera

Hi @Stronzino


  Have you tried contacting customer support regarding any of the issues you are experiencing ? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support

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Re: ARLO should step up to be an actual security camera

The very generic response. Let’s work on an actual solution now. Thank you.
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Re: ARLO should step up to be an actual security camera

You had a rather generic first post so there's not a lot to go with. Rather than complaining, how about all the details about what you've tried, what you see, system config, camera positioning and whether youve taken the time to read the FAQ here on best camera positioning and what steps you've taken to do so, as well as posting screenshots of camera views so we can see what you do. There's no point in us guessing or you holding back information. If that's what you choose to do, open the case assuggested above. This is a user forum so we need all the details if we even have a chance of helping.

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Re: ARLO should step up to be an actual security camera

Hmmm... okay. It was in no means generic as the response. I did highlight my frustration on a high level. I stand by it though.
Did I read the FAQs? Yes I did. Did I contact customer service? Yes I did. None of that is as generic as the first response. And, the second defensive and passive aggressive response is warranted because of my rant. So it didn’t fall on deaf ears I guess, thank you.
I think all the rants stand by themselves at this point and very self explanatory for a “security” system. I’m sure if you looked in your heart and read other rants (honestly, a forum is the place notoriously for that, and I’m sure you have) this isn’t a stand alone issue.
Why am I responding, I didn’t know. It’s late. Had some wine. Felt your response should be responded to, I don’t know. No hard feelings, I wasn’t attacking you personally. As a product, the original post stands. What do I expect? Probably a few more snarky comebacks and some wine next time to get me in the mood to respond or care.
Have an awesome day and thank you. Really, I’m not even mad or poking fun... I’m just typing maybe looking for an online friend to **bleep** to about nothing problems except money not well spent.

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