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ARLO VMB3010r2 rapid battery drain since NBN provider change (Australia Broadband)

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we've had our Arlo system for a couple of years now and it ticked along ok and battery use was generally. 


Since converting to the NBN we have seen all sorts of issues - cameras & base station constantly dropping off the network and becoming offline this requires a restart or reboot of the base station to fix and even then some of the three cameras do not always come back on line. 


In addition we have seen the battery consumption sky rocket - the behavior seems to be that the cameras go offline and then consume a great deal of the battery power offline and when they come back on line battery life has been depleted severely - we are chewing through batteries and it is getting ridiculous. 


Or NBN provider (Aussie Broad Band) say that it is not there issue - of course. 


Anyone else had this issue ?


Please note these are not Arlo Pro rechargeable battery cameras we have the the older model that use the CR123A disposable batteries .  

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If you have changed your internet service, then your local network will also have changed. Simply unplugging your Arlo base station from one network and moving it to a different one may not be enough of a "refresh". It might need a complete reset of the Arlo stuff and adding it anew to your network.


I rather agree with your ISP.  It just delivers the Internet. What goes in at your end is beyond their ken. A bit like the power company and your oven.

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