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Arlo Superusers Program

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You may have noticed that some users have a "Superuser" icon next to them, and you may be wondering what that means. That's a great question, and we'd love to tell you more about it!


We value all of our Community members! Each and every one of you provide invaluable contributions, and help to keep our community vibrant, fun, and informative. One of the things that makes a community great is that it's completely up to you as to how often and which ways you participate. This allows everyone to participate in ways that are most rewarding for them. Some of our users choose to participate on a very regular, consistent basis providing highly helpful and accurate information; and they love to do it! We greatly appreciate their contributions as they really do help us ensure our users get all the information and help they need. We like to reward these users for their above and beyond level of participation, and so we have begun creating a Superuser program. This is a new program that is growing and evolving as we receive more feedback on what is important to our Community members.


What are the benefits of the Superuser program?

• Elevated permissions on the Community.
• Direct access to the Community Team, Engineers, Developers, and other Arlo team members.
• Priority in beta testing programs.
• Invitations to exclusive on-site and online events.
• Arlo swag such as t-shirts, mugs, etc.
• And More!


How do I become a Superuser?

Being a Superuser is not tied to a specific rank, but rather specific activities or behaviors that are consistent month over month. The more you post consistently helpful, accurate, and respectful posts in our community, the closer you are to becoming a Superuser. Our Superusers are selected by our Community Team based on quality and meeting a certain threshold and quality of activities each month.


How do I know if I fit the criteria?

Our Community Managers reach out and invite those that have met the criteria to participate in the Superuser program. This criteria is then evaluated annually, and each user must "re-qualify" each year to remain in the program. If you would like more information about how to grow your reputation on the community to achieve Superuser status, send a PM to DawnM.




Dawn Marshall
Community Manager, Arlo


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