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Why isn't this schedule working?

I'm posting this in Ultra, but it applies to my Pro 2 kit as well.


After becoming completely exasperated by the inconsistency and unreliability of geofencing, I've decided to give custom schedules a shot.


Please see the attached screenshots and let me know why this didn't work.  Basically, 12AM to 7AM and 9PM to 11:59PM are supposed to be "Armed" for both my base stations.  But, as you can see, at 5:53AM, both base stations were showing as "disarmed."


Prior to taking these screenshots, I restarted both base stations to see if that would resolve the issue.


It's currently 10:49AM and both base stations are showing the correct schedule for this time, that is "Armed without notifications."


So, it seems it's just not working for the part of the schedule that is supposed to be "Armed."





Model: VMS5140 | Arlo Ultra 1 Camera Kit
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Re: Why isn't this schedule working?

hile the app has generally been working for me recently, I'd still suggest using a browser to check/set your modes and schedule to see if there's a difference. The app has done a couple of weird things even though it seemed to be working ok so I like to double-chcek using a browser.

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Re: Why isn't this schedule working?

Good point, I hadn't thought of that, I will take a look at the modes and schedule on a computer BTW, browser won't work for geofencing, those have to be done on device
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Re: Why isn't this schedule working?

I did take a look at the schedule on the browser and there was in fact some discrepancy with the times (7:01 AM instead of 7AM, etc.) I've reconfigured the schedule via the browser and will see what it does tonight after 9PM Thanks for that suggestion
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