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Hi all


I purchased 4x Arlo Ultra cameras  with hub last year, and my initial 1 year subscription has just expired.


I renewed on the 2K Cloud recording plan, knowing that I would be able to access 4K recordings locally, still.


However, to my annoyance, my whole setup (including local streaming and recording) has now been reduced to 2K.


I have downloaded the locally stored files from the SSD directly to confirm that they are indeed only recording at 2K.


Please can someone from Arlo respond to this?  I'm, hoping this is just a technical issue and not a commercial strategy.


Thanks for any assistance you can give.




Was just reading reports yesterday (think it was Forbes) did a story on how Arlo looks to be backing out of trying to be a total solution like ring or nest, even informed FCC they weren't adding what was needed to do it.  Did they really believe they could compete with Microsoft and Google ?  I'm hoping it's a good thing.  By the time pro2 came out it was a great product with a good reputation.  Many just want a quality security system, it doesn't need to do it all, just do it well.  They have great cams if everything functions as it should and the same for smart just make it function as it should.  People are happy using homekit even though it's 1080 because it's faster and works.  If I can take a picture of a plant and the app tells me what it is based on leaf or berry etc in 5 seconds one would think Arlo could from the trigger pic it doesn't need 20 secs of video and damned sure shouldn't confuse a car as motion at 5 mph.  It shouldn't confuse people with animals and vise versa.  If a app can tell a tree or bush by the berry Arlo should know a bee or moth so I can ban those notifications without removing all animals.  Stocks go up and down and it's twice what it was not long ago even though down at the moment.  Predictions were between 2 and 5 dollars for the next 3years.   Just take what you have and make it the best or all the loyal customers will be nest and ring owners.

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